Clinic Stade Rugby Vienna for U10 U12 U14 U16

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Dear President,

I would like to congratulate you on the warm welcome received. The Stade Rugby coaches have shown an excellent attitude to something that I consider of fundamental importance for the development of a sports club: The humility to learn, unlearn and learn again. You are working on a very beautiful structure and I think You will be happy to hear that my perception was that you guys are working in a pleasant and warming atmosphere of positive energy.


In greeting you and thanking you again for the pleasant day of sport we spent together, I wish to send my thoughts on the pedagogical role of the rugby coaches.


Have a good Rugby!


Open Letter to the coaches


“Simplicity is impressive”


I begin with this sentence because I believe it is of fundamental importance to instruct, to convey, facilitate and teach the game of rugby to the new generations of Coaches.

Do not complicate drills, don’t work on pre-established schemes, on monotonous training, always the same.

Help your athletes to the understanding of the game, to the WHY .. – Start from the game, do not propose a rugby in pieces, deconstruct it, make it pleasant, FUN and above all use a simple, clear, understandable communicative style.

A method where you let your athletes discover rugby through closed and open questions, through the experiential phase, that I call the WAREHOUSE of doing.

Combine the abstract phase with drills of good quality, give rhythm, dexterity, pleasure and fantasy.

Basic skills must be worked, and how to do them. Try to be up to date and learn what, when and how to propose the technical / tactical development and the skills “transfer” in the general GAME Movement.

Always question yourself, learn, be curious and … ask yourself big things!


Remember: If I listen I forget, If I see I remember, If I do I learn.


Good Rugby President


Sergio Zorzi (SZ13)

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